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  • Silversilk 8 Needle Flat

    SilverSilk's 8-Needle Flat is a 4.8mm knitted wire mesh that is incrediblydurable yet supple, light, & flexible. It can be finished with flat crimp ends.Choose from six different colors, all of which are sold both by 5 footlengths in retail ready, hangable packaging and on 25 foot spools.

  • Silversilk Capture

    SilverSilk's Capture knit received it's name because 6 wires are knitted around a bead chain, CAPTURE-ing the shimmer, light, reflections and strength of the chain. We're currently offering 3mm round Capture with a 2mm ball chain core in 10 different color combinations. Capture is durable,yet lightweight & can be easily finished with Silversilk's specially designed Capture end caps to create lustrous jewelry. Sold on 25 foot spools as well as hang able retail-ready packages containing 1 meter.

  • Silversilk Pearlesque

    Pearlesque, which is SilverSilk's thickest round knitted wire, features aglistening AB appearance which is provided by a layer of Metallic AB thread.It measures 3.5mm in diameter & is comprised of three separate layers.An inner core of 2mm ball chain is first surrounded by a tubular meshmade from six metallic AB threads. Then the exterior layer is created byknitting eight permanently enameled non-tarnish copper wires around theball chain & AB thread. The result is a supple, fabric-like cord that drapesbeautifully & can be knotted, braided, or simply used as chain & finishedwith Capture end caps. Pearlesque is available in nine color combinationswhich are sold on 25 foot spools as well as hangable retail-ready packages containing 1 meter.

  • Silversilk Findings
  • Silversilk Galaxy

    SilverSilk Galaxy Hollow Knitted Tube - A new size and style of hollow knitted wire! - Made with 10 strands of enamel-coated copper wire which form a loose-knit, soft, supple, lightweight hollow tube. - The 6mm inside diameter makes it ideal for enclosing your favorite beads, crystals, leather, fiber, and more! - The loose knit allows your material to show through. - Nickel- and lead-free, non-tarnishing, and made entirely in America! - Available in three colors: Silver, Black & Gold.